Karwan e-mohabbat (A Journey of Atonement and Love)

Religion is supposed to be a bonding factor that promotes peace in the world. However, in today’s world and very especially in our Indian context, religion seems to be breaking our country into fragments and violence in the name of religion is certainly heart breaking. As a response to these heart-breaking incidents in our country, Mr Harsh Mander, former civil servant, Govt. of India, a deeply committed human rights activist in our country gave the general public, a call to join him in his journey to the troubled areas of our country. These areas include the places affected by religious riots, caste and gender based violence, which can be generalized as anti-minority acts, chiefly promoted by the fundamentalist groups. Vidyajyoti College swiftly responded to the call and readily offered hands to join the journey of love also known as Karwan-e-mohabbat. Under the guidance and motivation of Rector and Principal and supported by the Staff, seven students from Vidyajyoti accompanied several journalists, social activists, columnists, photographers, a scientist, etc. However, we the scholastics were also fondly called by the co-pilgrims as singing priests because of our ability to sing certain socially awakening songs during the public hearings and meetings. Here is the video link of Karwan e Mohabbat  prepared by Sch. Arun Lucas..