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Contextualization of Theology (CT)

The Vidyajyoti B.Th. Syllabus is envisaged in three tiers corresponding to the three years of the study of Theology at Vidyajyoti. (The ‘Fourth Year’ required for the priesthood is to be taken care of by the respective Provinces/Congregations/Dioceses after the B.Th. Final Comprehensive Exams). Each of the three tiers has a specific focus spelt out by the theme. Each tier is further divided into “units” made up of various courses (of one or more credits each), and they develop a sub-theme or a further specification of the year’s theme. The purpose behind the syllabus is to enable the student to do theology in an integrated and holistic manner. The Indian/South Asian dimension is integral to all the aspects of the syllabus. The method of starting from the South Asian subaltern realities and groups and opening out to the macro realities of the world characterizes the process. Human sciences, including philosophy, are important. Apostolic/Fieldwork involvement is integral to the theological process.

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